Great science thrives on diversity

Students arrive at Berkeley with different backgrounds, experiences, scientific preferences, scientific knowledge, and worldviews. This mosaic augments their formal education, amplifies innovation, and makes everyone happier and more engaged. Diverse teams simply perform better. In keeping with this view, our laboratory welcomes scientists regardless of background, race, religion, age, disability status, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender, and we work to ensure that all individuals are championed and defended.


Training and Educational Opportunities for Allies

At UC Berkeley

For TAs, Lecturers, and Instructors

In the local community

In the greater scientific community


Volunteer Opportunities for Allies

Have a favorite organization or group from the previous lists? Start by volunteering there. New to Berkeley? Our department’s Diversity and Inclusion Focus Group (DIFG) is a great place to get started.

Outreach opportunities 

Databases of potential speakers


Places to Find Support and Community

At UC Berkeley

College of Chemistry initiatives: 

Student government/labor organizations: 

Affinity groups and initiatives: 

Campus resources for harassment and discrimination: 

Institutional Reporting: 

Mental health and wellness: 

LGBTQ+ resources: 

In the greater scientific community

Schepartz Lab members in the news

Open Positions

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates at UC Berkeley can apply for a research position in the Schepartz Lab by filling out this application. Schepartz lab members will review these applications on a rolling basis as positions become available in the lab.

Graduate Students:

Most graduate students in our group are members of the Department of Chemistry or the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley. If you are already a graduate student at UC Berkeley and are interested in our research, please contact Alanna.  If you are an aspiring UC Berkeley graduate student, please submit your application materials via the portals associated with the two departments listed above.

Postdoctoral Scientists:

Prospective postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to submit a cover letter and complete curriculum vitae and arrange for three letters of recommendation. Postdoctoral inquiries and letters of recommendation are accepted via both e-mail and US mail.